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ECLISSE srl as Doors

The ECLISSE showroom in Milan offers an original interpretation based on a concept by architect Manuela Pelizzon. A virtuous dialogue of colour, decoration and surfaces producing a cross-cutting range with a view to customisation, encompassing doors, walls, coverings and furnishings.

One concrete example is the Syntesis® Collection, a new wall concept, a complete design element which creates true spaces for expression, to be interpreted with the personality of colour or the discretion of white. The range includes pocket sliding doors without outer frames, flush-mounted swing door solutions, technical compartments perfectly hidden in the wall and an innovative skirting board shape in a complete, modular system for designing completely smooth walls. Paying attention to all aspects of construction and not just the functions performed by its system, the company has assigned great importance to the definition of Syntesis® Luce, a range designed specifically to permit positioning of electrical boxes rather than adhesive radio frequency switches requiring use of batteries. A special internal structure designed specifically for masonry and plasterboard walls, XXXVI design focus factory providing the space necessary to allow electric cables to pass through without interfering with the sliding of the door.

But ECLISSE’s work is not limited to the door compartment. With SHODO, which literally means “the way of writing”, the company came up with an exclusive system (patent pending) permitting installation of doors, door jambs, architraves and skirting boards flush with the wall and without interruption. Only three examples of the way of conceiving of each element in space, a set-up that finds its utmost expression not only in prestigious products of all kinds but in the company’s showroom in Milan, where the technological component in its systems is associated with a coordinated aesthetic image.

Six years after it opened, the showroom has been renewed to interpret the theme of decoration, back with new power in today’s interiors. Primary colours and decorations are combined in pure geometric shapes, embellish rigid supports that give life to doors and furnishings, and are printed on the walls, slipping onto the floor to take over the spaces we live in. Only painstaking attention to detail can permit precise uninterrupted repetition of decorative elements, so that they slide across different items of decor perfectly, without any breaks in surfaces. This virtuous contamination of skilled craftsmanship and the designer’s imagination is characteristic of everything ECLISSE does, and has permitted creation of products in partnership with four companies interpreting contemporary taste.

New evidence of how ECLISSE continually promotes dialogue between companies that share the same will to innovate and keep on improving their products, offering unique design and decorating solutions in order to great dependable, advanced systems that allow us to “looking further”.

Photographer: Enrico Dal Zotto

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