Edifício Hyde Park office

Edifício Hyde Park office

Conrado Ceravolo Architects
Jardim Paulistano, São Paulo - SP, Brazil
Project Year
Conrado Ceravolo Architects
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Custom furnitureChaves Marcenaria
Pending light fixturesCollector 55
MDF Trama Line color SirenaDuratex

Conrado Ceravolo Architects signs cool and modern commercial project

Conrado Ceravolo Architects as Architects

Conrado Ceravolo Architects signs cool and modern commercial project

By finding a balance between integrated environments and areas that demand more privacy, the architects present creative solutions based on contemporary designs


Specialized in financial market investments and real state, the company with twelve employees was in need of a modern space to welcome potential clients and partners, and conduct new business activities. The shareholders, already familiar with the work of Conrado Ceravolo Architects, hired the duo João Conrado and Gabriel Ceravolo in order to turn the space into a laid-back environment, without losing the essence of an office with more reserved areas.

“Besides being cool and casual, we meant for the project to be as open as possible, with very few walls. So, we created elements as if they were blocks, with well-defined volumes”, the architects explain. Even though the environment is mostly open, some areas are subtly divided. “We worked on the assumption that the office should be seen as a whole”, they add.

The building, signed by Ruy Ohtake, has windows on one side only. Therefore, the main challenge was distributing the elements in a way that every area was well lighted. In order to make that happen, they have considered that the work stations should be in that area, and contemplated the meeting room with a glass cube shape. That way, it would be possible to have privacy and discretion, while being transparent.

Another creative solution was the plaster removal from the ceiling, which revealed an outstanding and contemporary structure, revitalized with handmade burnt cement afterwards. The architects have applied removable lining on a few areas such as the work station, while choosing wood for the meeting room, which also works as acoustic insulation.

Blue has been incorporated into the neutral color palette, highlighted by the oak’s light wood, which helps to keep the environment warm. The lighting project concludes the interior design, not only due to the employment of natural light, but also due to the support of artificial light. At the work station and the open meeting room, LED boards provide cool white light, while in the closed meeting room, a lit tensioned fabric structure was used. It is much more punctual in other parts of the office, where pendants and rail lighting were used.

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