ERGON® living System

ERGON® living System

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ERGON® living

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Celegon has become widely known for the reliability and high quality of its products, which are packed with technological content and are incredibly functional, owing to their ease of installation and maintenance. Celegon’s flagship product is the swing door system ERGON, chosen by countless door manufacturers worldwide for its reliability and long life.

SIMPLICITY AND PRECISION Ergon door fittings allow for the uniform distribution of air leaks with a closed door between the door-leaf and jamb. Installers can make precise and quick adjustments to the system with little effort, checking and calibrating the differences between the jamb/door at all times. The horizontal position of the door is adjustable at the top (by moving the arm along the rail) and on the bottom plate. It is also possible to compensate for any slight differences on the inner width of the frame. A high-performing system, ERGON adapts to any situation and its installation is so simple that it is virtually fail-safe.

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