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Hereñú + Ferroni Arquitetos
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Secondary Schools
Pedro Napolitano Prata


Hereñú + Ferroni Arquitetos as Architects

The new facilities of the Nova Cumbica State School replaced existing buildings that were in bad physical conditions, undersized and that presented poor urban relations with their immediate surroundings.

The proposal was influenced by a preservation area along the stream, where construction was not allowed, and the premise of enabling the building execution in two stages, without interrupting the normal use of the existing school.

The project intended to recover the adjacent public spaces by redirecting the pedestrian flows of the school users and by creating more permeable visual relationships with the surroundings, especially with the slum sector located across the river.

The new building opens up to the stream through the positioning of the students access and indoor and outdoor recreation areas. An integrated system of ramps and stairs vertically articulate the various levels and offers unusual sights of the neighborhood.

The shading system of the facades uses strong colors to promote a contrasting dialogue with the gray tones that dominate the industrial district and to highlight one of the few public facilities available in the region.

The existing square around the corner and the empty area along the stream bank were redesigned in order to promote greater integration between the public spaces and acess routes to the school.

The design of the building and the design of the city enhance each other and seek to strengthen the public dimension that such a facility demands in a city like São Paulo.

Team: Hereñú + Ferroni Arquitetos / Eduardo Ferroni e Pablo Hereñú (autores); Renan Kadomoto, Bruno Nicoliello, Shine de M. Braga, Carolina Domschke, Carolina S. Yamate, Felipe Chodin, Henrique Arruda e Natalie Tchilian (colaboradores).

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