Euramax competition entry

Euramax competition entry

Marcelo Yukio Nagai - Architect
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Euramax competition entry

Marcelo Yukio Nagai - Architect as Architects

Objective: This panel will become a tourist attraction in the Netherlands , it will be a conscious reference industrial manufacturing . The companyArchello is recognized as a company that sells products of superior quality and design of great value.

How ? 1 - Designattention :First of all this proposed design will serve to generate outrage and contempt of the jury and manufacturers , mainly the application of " Excuses " to Nature. But this design should also bother the consumers of the products , making them reflect on this new material and think aboutArchello differently :

2 TheDoubt : The Archello products are acceptable for Nature and in the public eye ?

3 The word " Sorry" is an apology for Nature , because we know that the global industry to hurt them. But the conscious industrial manufacturing is required for the development of human future , serving as justification for the manufacture of more sustainable products .

4 - At this moment, Archello apologizes nature and raises the question of sustainable your business in a more radical way . Showing what appears to be the opposite , rebutting any criticism of the new material created , serving to positively highlight the quality of the company about the new technology of digital coating.

5 –Products Play Nature crisp , faithfully, with brightness and vividness is not easy to show for any company , unless it is the Archello . The speech is used to attract attention to other opportunities for design , quality products and industrial manufacturing , also highlighting the concern of sustainable products.

6 - There is a marketing campaign built this contest , which generates a positive impact to the product , through sustainable thoughts . The design combined with the quality of products has more meaning, because they develop and stimulate the environment , allowing to generate further discussion and many other produtcs.

Conclusion : the design contest and will serve to generate further debate of environmental issues and the manufacturers of top quality Archello , sustainable products and natural design , representing the spirit of the company and serving as the new landmark of the city.

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