“- Yesterday called your math teacher. She said that you draw horses in your book to math. - Unicorns. They were unicorns.” Michael Ende – Never ending story

Our own mind and imagination that allows us to see things that other people do not understand is the final say in where we can take the plunge without fear that the world around us will affect what we see.The real world is only an illusion in which we live, and in depth we strive for harmony and natural beauty.In designing the façade Euramax we wanted to create something exactly like this, an image that will encourage reflection and will interpret it in different ways, not forgetting, of course, the main goal - the creation of advertising attracts the attention of potential customers and the appropriate integrating within the surrounding landscape.

Participation in the competition organized by your company for the design of the facade was not accidental . For us – students, we saw an opportunity to demonstrate our creativity in the subject which gave us a very interesting and at the same time allows you to get out of the canons of urban gray chain vulgarity . Colors used in the project are designed to symbolize the natural position of the Netherlands. The color blue has been used to refer to the water, which is not difficult to see every step of visiting this beautiful country and to your company logos that perfectly blends into the blue glow of the right side of the facade. The color green is also not accidental that emphasize evocative of the Netherlands varied vegetation and known worldwide tulip plantations , we used this color along with individual images in red to add all the work aggressiveness and a hint of freshness in the midst of the surrounding soothing colors . Green is also used to introduce an observer in a harmonious environment factory hidden behind a curtain of trees.The entire project was created from photographs of the Netherlands , Roermond and investments made by Euramax . Elevation of so many images will demonstrate the company Euramax and create the best possible advertising their products and also for the viewer to interpret the façade allows different ways connected to each image. Offered by your technology solutions , large format printing , are the future of the industry of architectural finishes . Presented by our combination of images shows how differently we can play with simple images using the latest technology , which currently allow for an infinite number of configurations one space .

Authors: Wysocki Sebastian, Szczudło Bartosz, Budźko Dominika, Zduńczyk Monika Maria

Park House
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Park House

Milano, Metropolitan City of Milan, Italy - Build completed in 2018
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