Product Spec Sheet

ElementBrandProduct Name
Armchair, Table, StoolTacchini
POLAR, Cage, Isola
Catifa chairsArper SPA
Stool_OneMagis spa
Think chairsSteelcase

Product Spec Sheet
Armchair, Table, Stool
POLAR, Cage, Isola by Tacchini
Catifa chairs
Halo by Vibia
Think chairs

Evoteq creates solutions that help companies accelerate their digital transformation, and a top priority for their new office was flexibility – they needed a space that could be easily rearranged to host meetings, run workshops, or launch products. It was also important that furniture played the role of creative collaborator, inspiring engagement within the team.

For design inspiration, Roar turned to the binary code, the numeral system made up of two numbers (usually 0s and 1s) that computers use. What would it look like to creatively interpret, or even disrupt, binary? The answer was pairing angular shapes –representing the 1’s in binary – with circles, the 0’s.

The Roar team spent a lot of time with the Evoteq team to really understand what they wanted, how they worked, and what their days looked like and the end result was a series of activity-based working spaces that are tied together to form one immersive and interactive office. Providing a variety of workspaces was crucial. The design features two lounge areas for spontaneous brainstorming sessions and informal meetings, with one acting as a mini ‘social-media zone’, a space where Evoteq’s team members can step aside and update their Instagram, shoot out a message, or take a phone call.

The shared CEO-COO office design highlights Evoteq’s corporate culture - it isn’t a closed-off office but is accessible to everyone, highlighting their open-door communication policy. A series of pivoting glass doors were used that can be left open most of the day, or closed for private discussions. The design also features a circular boardroom that nurtures the idea that everyone is equal. This room also features writable glass surfaces ideal for making notes, and boasts the best views of Burj Khalifa just across the road. And speaking of views, in this office they play a starring role. Roar designed a collaborative window-side work station to offer the Evoteq team the option of enjoying the magnificent view.

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