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Ar. Arun Shekar K.M​ as Architects

FACTORY WALL [re] manifestation of identity.

ARCHITECTURE CONCERN OF THE PROJECT “THE FUTURE IS LANDMARKS . “ Each act , each decision , and each development creates new possibilities and eliminates others. Exposed walls as a visual character type embody one of the most powerful potential for architecture to express meaning and symbol in an urban scale. It demonstrates the ideal for development process of any city and its growth system.

There is enormous opportunity for the language of architecture to articulate and describe specific functio, character and sequence of spaces. This design plays an important role of promoting public awareness by translating graphics to educate public on global warming .

ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN OF THE PROJECT Here we look at two divergent aspects of public spaces. Spaces that foster human thinking and social entrepreneurship. I NTROSPECTION AND OUTREACH was the main ideology I always had it in mind so as to create the next stop in the city.

“ ARCHITECTURE “ hitched with creating awareness. So from the beginning, my focus has always on this theme. And I finally created one .

All mega projects represent an aspect of ICONIC statement making the city so distinct from others.

The gorgeous form have been derived from juxtaposing the dual role of magnificent traditional architecture from Nederland and jaipur jalli system typologies which are really fascinating .So the link of the form and function are easily obtained, trying inspiration by hitching our own examples that are the apotheosis of the harmony.

Architecture and design are joined in an indivisible whole. A unique style joins together in a way that is at the same time futuristic and so intrinsic in modern world to result as unconsciously attractive.

My architecture so wants to be “distinct “ piece of landmark, to celebrate harmony with it ! FROM OURNESS !!!

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