FH Bregenzerwald

FH Bregenzerwald

Stefan Schweighofer
Egg, Austria | View Map
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FH Bregenzerwald

Stefan Schweighofer as Architects

This holiday home was built on a southern slope above Egg at the edge of the forest with an unobstructable view of the Bregenzerwald. The building is situated below a dead end in the settlement of Kaltenbrunnen and can only be reached via the 70 steps of a development staircase. 

The new holiday home stands on the strip foundations of an old container building from the 80s. Compared to its original position, the building has only been shifted by 1.5 metres towards the valley. This has created an attractive forecourt with a fountain made of bushhammered concrete.


The shape, proportions and orientation of the building were developed with reference to the surrounding house structure. Through gentle transitions, the three-storey solid wood house blends harmoniously into the ensemble of the surrounding buildings. The black building with a gable roof, reduced to the essentials, adapts to the hillside location and the landscape, while retaining a self-confident aura. 


Solid wood not only makes the static framework of the building visible, but can be directly experienced and felt, especially in the interior. The window openings structure the building from the outside and form selected lines of sight to the surroundings from the inside. The stepped building structure not only allows the structure to adapt optimally to the steep terrain, but also creates a very special three-dimensional spatial experience that can be experienced inside.

In the basement are the retreat areas with their deliberately reduced and small bedrooms, which live solely from the radiance of the solid wood walls and invite you to switch off and relax.

On the ground floor is the spacious living area, which is divided over several levels and opens up towards the valley and terrace. The generous glazing can be fully opened by a sliding door integrated into the wall, thus bringing the adjoining forest right into the living room.

The stove forms the centre of the living area not only optically but also functionally and warms almost the entire building.


The construction method had to take particular account of the unstable subsoil, which makes landslides possible. Therefore, the existing foundation was used, on which a stepped base plate was erected as a base. The solid wood construction of the building is based on this. The walls and ceiling were realised with cross laminated timber, which is visible on the inside. The holiday home is insulated with 20 cm wood fibre boards, which are covered with mineral paint by a ventilated, closed wooden facade (rebated formwork). The floors and part of the wall panelling are finished with soaped solid wood planks of core ash, the wooden windows are oiled. The roof was covered with Eternit shingles. 

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