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Species that mix, pigments that conform a great canvas in the city.

As a vegetal carpet, the project proposes the creation of a surface conformed by multiple vegetal modules. Fragments that integrate forming a great chromatic mosaic, where diverse varieties of flowers and plants dissolve conforming a canvas of multiple ranges, textures and scents.

BILBAO JARDÍN Bilbao Jardín is an event that proposes a travel across the city through diverse public squares of Bilbao during the months of June and July, where a series of 25 interventions of temporary gardens are presented all along the city, realized by a selection of international artists, architects, landscape architects and designers. LOCATION The project Flow, made by ex.studio is located next to the Bilbao river, in the center of the Azoka square, this square is the social, sport and cultural center of activities of the district of Zorroza. The Zorroza district is located at the extreme west of Bilbao, located between the Basurto and the Cadagua river which is the natural border between the municipal term of Bilbao and Baracaldo. The particular characteristics between Zorroza and the rest of Bilbao have created a feeling of property between the neighbors of the district.

The Azoka square is delimited by important natural and urban elements: the river of Bilbao, the mountain, the highway A-8, apartments buildings, the sport, social and cultural centers as well as the industrial buildings in disuse.


Inspired on the cultivation patterns of the rural landscapes, the project proposes the creation of a fragment landscape inserted in the urban space, reinterpreting the diverse urban pieces that conform the surroundings into a series of small fragments that interlace and dilute conforming a great natural canvas of diverse chromatisms in the city.

The project is related to the surroundings and to the disctrict through divers scales and visual levels; by one hand it stablishes a relation in an urban scale in relation with the buildings that delimit the square, from the interior and at a higher level it is possible to observe the chromatic vegetal canvas; by the other hand, it stablishes a more aproximate scale relation at the square level, the natural canvas works then as a big vegetable garden within the city, in which people can recognize and observe with a major detail each one of the species that conform the project, flowers like: petunias, tagetes, impatiens, begonias, surfinias, celosías, lobelias, argeratums, verbenas, guineanas, stipas, cinerarias, as well as aromatic herbs such as thyme, oregano, lemongrass, rosemary, curry and mint.

VEGETAL GRID The project is conformed by a grid of an area of 110 m2, conformed by 336 modules of 60x55cm, using 155 different varieties of flowers and plants of diverse colors and tonalities: from purple to blue, from pink to red passing through orange, yellow, and green ending in a darker brown.

MODULAR SYSTEM: system of geotextil culture The modules are made by a cultivation modular system with dimensions of 0.55x0.60 cm and 3cms of thickness. The system is a plant crop that grow previously under a cultivation support formed by a soilbag made of agricultural geotextile, the soilbag is permeable to the water and photodegradable, which in its interior contains a substrate of cultivation adapted for the good growth of the plants.

The plants have been precultivated in a greenhouse located in the countryside of Bilbao during a period of eight weeks before being placed on site. Once the plant is formed, flowering and taken root in the substrate, each module reaches a degree of homogenous growth.

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