Fontana square in Quinto de Stampi

Fontana square in Quinto de Stampi

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Fontana square in Quinto de Stampi

Labics as Architects

The project for Piazza Fontana is the project of a soil, the making of a landscape, capable of welcoming, answering and amplifying, with its articulation, the changing and complex needs of those who will use it. In fact, the project stems from the will to create a space triggering different and non scheduled usages, from the will to create a complicated place, whose identity is unified and whose usage is manifold. The geometrical pattern of the square is made of a thick grid of golden rectangles, sized according to the main size of the context determining every element of the square, from the main geometry to the drawing of the flooring. The topic of soil bending was introduced inside this deeply characterizing texture. The 3D modeling of soil has a two-fold role to play; on the one hand it identifies milieus with different spatial qualities, to the other it strengthens spatial tensions that already exist in these places and simultaneously brings in new tensions. The system of triangular fields inside the geometrical pattern represents a strong element of unity and identity for the project and, at the same time, thanks to its declination whose matter, size and combination always vary, is the tool to build manifold and varied situations inside this landscape where the balance between natural and artificial is unstable

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