Foro E
José Manuel Cutillas

Foro Europeo

Vaillo + Irigaray as Architects

Minimum basic cell: flexibility = iso-space The reproductive structure of the project, part of a minimum basic unit, which like space optimal minimum dimensions can be multiplied and can take appropriate structures for different uses. This is achieved by providing the building with great flexibility, according to the changing needs of such a program.

Faculty The building takes up the tradition of "teaching" in Europe, the concept of "faculty" as a formalized structure: this way the program is built around a courtyard.

Cofre draft The "clothes", which like "veils" with various rankings of transparency, respond to an abstract mimicry relationship with the natural surroundings: the subtle reflections (like those of spider webs), the ring brightness Baroque as a huge embroidery, with bare trunks in the winter or the color of the leaves in autumn, and so on.

* In this building the photograph is "almost a lie". It is true only when the "click" ... the rest of thousands of times the building is different, every time: different.

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