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Hiroshima, Hiroshima, Japan
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Private Houses


UID Architects as Architects

Toward the space such as the efficiency of 7m X 7m+α,

I locate LDK, study + room in a bedroom, a guest room, a washing face bathroom, the second floor in the first floor from 3 surrounded neighboring site environment.

I do it with the space such as two levels of efficiencies of 7m *7m while thinking about each space in minimum space, but can feel space more than physical area basically because garden space establishing in the road side is connected as extension of the internal wall. In addition, it becomes that I am connected to the site outside gently while securing privacy by this wall and kick it.

It is in a room, and the second floor can take lighting without being influenced by the neighboring environment by a top light extending to the north and south and can feel south side lighting from LDK to the study by locating it to the north and south about the garden space. In addition, I do it by constant light facing north with comfortable study space by locating the study in the seat for a subject.

It becomes the house which can live a life while feeling a soft breeze under the natural light limitlessly between the everyday living room sky.

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