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Menthol Architects
Minsk, Belarus | View Map
Project Year
Anush Aleksanyan, Edvard Budnikov, Rastsislau Piakhouski


Menthol Architects as Architects

Nowadays we chase fashionable design, while collecting more and more products. We travel the world to find another picturesque location or amuse with another attraction. Variety of choices has blind us to what is just in front of us. We find ourselves overwhelmed by modern world and often suffer anxiety of being lag behind. Therefore, to improve our wellbeing, modern design shall help us to focus on “the moment” and appreciate every-day life.


FRAME pavilion guides us to recognize the beauty around and accentuate what is essential in our life. The path inside, takes us into four different directions, where through the openings, it frames certain sceneries and events.


Thanks to open-form layout, structure invites us into the dialogue with itself as well as environment around, through lively events or solo contemplation. As a part of Minsk Design Week 2019 is painted with ‘Living Coral’ – Pantone’s colour of the year, meaning "life-affirming coral". This energetic, buoyant and effervescent colour of coral is to help bring lovers and friends to each other. It is to bring real experiences and provoke changes for the better.


Pavilion was built as part of the student workshop for Minsk Design Week 2019, during a period of two weeks, led by tutors from menthol architects: Rafał Pieszko and Artur Nitribitt.


“The pavilion may have not stayed long, but was remembered by many. And the view from its frame was just wonderful. There was just you - and your city. And nothing else.” - Svetlana Krokhina

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