Ginásio maisfit
Nelson Garrido

maisfit Gymnasium

éOp – arquitectura e design as Architects

The Gymnasium maisfit have 1 600,00 m2 of area, located in Vila Nova de Gaia – Portugal, in a old Cloth Store insert in the Retail Park of Canidelo


The Challenge to develope the project, it was to achive a unic identity for the space and is own gymnasium concept. Maisfit wanted to be a “Smart Cost”gymnasium, that inovate in new ways to afford fisical activity, promoting the social proximity of users. 

The existing space, open and with hight ceiling, help to define the principal spaces of the project, using volumes inside the existing space to distribute and organize the program for the gymnasium.

The diference of hight and dimensions of the volumes, define the diference uses correponding of itch volumes, creating a central space of circulation and a space of training/cardio machines.

The Volume convergence, created an open environment of all the gymnasium and reinforces the proximity of users where the circulation spaces transform in social spaces and meeting.

Using the hight celings in the project, increase the  presence of the volumes, inducing a liberty sensation of the space and a decompress enviorment.


The materialization of the floor using the concrete in circulation spaces, social spaces and machine cardio spaces with assuming the natural  forms, materiality of the differences infrastructures and structure elements of the roof, wanted to create a urban image and provide the simplicty of the entire elements of the Gymnasium.



Architect Vitor Pimentão



Architect Vasco Novais

Architect Rui Fonseca



Coeng – Engenharia e Construção


Photos by

Nelson Garrido



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