Girl's Dormitory

Girl's Dormitory

Oli Mahmud Architects
Noakhali, Bangladesh
Project Year

Living in socially connected space

Oli Mahmud Architects as Architects

Encouraging strong socialization among the occupants is the design goal of this project. Considering program and contextual situation physically introverted building typology has been adopted.

A regular rectangle is bisected and transformed into a pentagon shape. This allows achieving more usable spaces within site limitations and also minimizing thermal gain. All the arms contain living areas whilst the junction points are used as service spaces like stair and toilet areas. Dining area is located at north western corner at ground level topped with common room and reading area at first floor level.

A double height space at east greets into the building interior and also acts as the summer time cool air access point. The internal social space is the distinct feature of this dormitory. Girls will be able to play, walk, gossip and interact at this open courtyard. Even external balconies are placed at alternative shifting position to encourage communication among them.

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