Givaudan Office Building 1246

Givaudan Office Building 1246

lightsphere GmbH
Kemptthal, Lindau, Switzerland | View Map
Project Year
Johannes Marburg
Product Spec Sheet

ElementBrandProduct Name
Lighting iGuzzini
Orangerie wall lamp Santa & Cole
Staircase lighting WEVER & DUCRÉ
Themis 5.0
open space office bespoke pendant and table luminairesZumtobel Lighting Gmbh
vertical lights - pureliteREGENT LIGHTING

Product Spec Sheet
Orangerie wall lamp
Disco by Santa & Cole
Staircase lighting
Themis 5.0 by WEVER & DUCRÉ
open space office bespoke pendant and table luminaires
vertical lights - purelite

Givaudan Office Building 1246

lightsphere GmbH as Lighting designer

On-site of the former Maggi factory in Kemptthal, a working cluster with 200 workplaces was built in an existing historical building.


The three-double height storeys with partially existing galleries, were converted into structured cluster offices. A two-storey extension accommodates the cafeteria and two orangeries, used as meeting places and executive floor. A specific cluster office concept with acoustic lighting was developed.


Pendant luminaires equipped with tunable white light, provide general lighting for the office areas.For an optimized use of the structure, a sculptural staircase was implemented to connect all floors. Additional to the consultants for the acoustic general lighting setup, the lighting designer involved, were asked to develop the lighting design concept for the sculptural staircase.


Due to restrictions from cultural heritage preservation, the new integrated wallswere used as light ‘carrier’. Direct and indirect wall fixtures illuminate the staircase element. Considering the low ceiling height, the room impression was improved with the indirect wall light position. The vertical luminaires, integrated into the front sides of the partition walls, provide the general illumination of the passageways in the mezzanine.


The staircase culminates into the two-storey executive floor extension. Here the access areas link the cafeteria and the meeting rooms with the adjacent orangeries. In the evenings, deep recessed downlights accentuate meeting areas in the orangeries. The downlights are concealed in the rim of the skylights. Additionally, wall lights at human scale height are used as decorative elements.


All building materials are enhanced by the choice of luminaire shapes and colour temperature. While the offices are illuminated with tunable white luminaires, the executive floors, emphasize the high quality of the wooden surfaces with warm white. As the aluminum-coated wall panels clearly set the all-connecting staircase apart from the rest of the building, a cooler 4000K LED light was chosen.


Material Used :
1. Open space office pendant luminaires – Zumtobel, customized product
2. Staircase – Wever Ducre, Themis 5.0
3. Orangerie wall lamp – Santa Cole, Disco
4. Executive floor downlights – iGuzzini, Laser Blade MQ89, MU75 and IN30 diffuse
5. Central corridor wall lights – Regent, Purelite

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