GO House

GO House

Agustín Landa Ruiloba
Monterrey, Mexico

GO House

Agustín Landa Ruiloba as Architects

GO House is located on the west of the city of Monterrey, Mexico, on the highest part of a new residential subdivision. The front of the lot faces north. The clients requested a house that made the best of the site’s conditions, primarily its dominant winds and spectacular views, while staying within a limited budget.

The project consists of a solid linear volume with three rooms what extends from north to south on the east end of the plot, and flies above the house’s social areas. On the first floor, a space that includes the living and dinning rooms and the kitchen, is enclosed by floor-to-ceiling glass. In this way, the space is visually integrated to the adjacent garden.

The steel structure underneath the solid volume extends over part of the garden and holds a wooden pergola. The area beneath this pergola is a #terrazatequilera.

Access to the house is through a stairway between two cinder block walls that frame views of the Sierra Madre. The house’s door is located at the end of this staircase, on the south end of the plot. Upon crossing this door, visitors find themselves in the garden, from which they can appreciate breathtaking views of the Cerro de lasMitras, an iconic mountain.

The street is one level under the first floor. The house’s parking, a room for household employees and a washing area are located there. A concrete volume on the east of the plot, which contains horizontal and vertical circulations, articulates the house’s three levels.

The house’s orientation and the placement of its windows generate air currents and produce shades that allow for the natural regulation of its temperature. House GO is energy efficient because of its low air conditioning use.

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