Golf House

Golf House

BAM! arquitectura
Escobar, Buenos Aires Province, Argentina
Project Year
Private Houses
Javier Agustín Rojas

Golf House

BAM! arquitectura as Architects

Nature framed

With the premise of a businessman whose main hobby is to play golf, this house was conceived as an exploration of a composition with volumes and its materials;heavy and light,closed and open, therefore creating a design with great simplicity and beauty in harmony with the landscape.

The project is built in Escobar, on a terrain with views to a golf course and a lagoon, which, although it has been shaped by man, it has a strong presence of nature that invites us to create an architecture and an atmosphere, taking into account main concepts such as: nature as a space generating element, the void,the blurring of limits, the landscape, the noble materials, the beauty.

Regarding the program, it is divided in two floors. In the ground floor, the social program is located for an intense social life, with wide and integrated spaces. Also, there is a study not only for adults, for those days when work has to continue at home, but also for the youngest. In the upper floor the private program is located, where the bedrooms with their own bathrooms are placed, as well as a family living room.

The morphology of the house is configured by closing it towards the front with an imposing concrete base and dematerializes towards the rear, creating a wide view opening of the main areas towards the golf course, generating several framings that emphasize the view of the user.

A white volume is placed in contraposition on this base and works as a great viewpoint, which enables us to contemplate the horizon from a height and frames the landscape.

The creation and distribution of every space has been carefully thought out. Every sequence and image is part of an architectural tour. From the beginning of the tour, the access welcomes you and invites you to enter, but at the same time invites you to pause, and finally ends in spaces that open their views and framings to the golf course.

One of the main materials of the architecture was natural light which was used in this project as an atmosphere generating element.Starting with a subtle light thanks to skylights placed in the access area, then passing through different atmospheres due strategically placed windows, and finally ending in a more intense light generated by the windows located in the rear.

The materiality of the house was conceived by the use of materials in their pure state, such as concrete, wood and glass, which not only enables the creation of unique spaces thanks to its warmth but also requires low maintenance.

Sustainability was worked out through abio-environmental design by means of an implantation taking into account the orientations, the rotation of the sun and winds, natural lighting in all spaces and cross-ventilation that makes thermic comfort possible in a natural way.

There is also a green roof with local vegetation, with all the benefits that this provides, which makes the reduction of paved surfaces possible, the production of oxygen and the absorption of CO2, prevents the overheating of roofs, reduces temperature variations throughout the day and works as a great thermal insulation as well.

Another point that was taken into account was the reduction in water consumption by using rainwater as irrigation system and the usage of water-saving devices.

The choice of materials was carefully made by having in mind the impact they will have throughout time. Noble low-maintenance materials bring a major long-term benefit. Both the durability and the economy of the project throughout time are fundamental in the design. It is important to highlight the use of EPS core for thermal insulation in all the walls.

Regarding energy efficiency, we placed solar panels to provide electrical energy and for the supplying of the HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) system as well. In addition to this, the appropriate layout of windows using insulating glass improves the thermal insulation. Both adopted actions reduce energy consumption.

As a result, the project evokes a viewpoint to contemplate nature subtlety in the use of light and opening views. Simplicity prevails in every decision of the design.

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