Golf Welcome Pavilion at Maisonneuve Park

Golf Welcome Pavilion at Maisonneuve Park

Cardin Ramirez Julien
Montréal, Canada
Project Year
Vincent Audy

Golf Welcome Pavilion at Maisonneuve Park

Cardin Ramirez Julien as Architects

The new visitor center is implanted in one of the greatest green space of Montreal; the Maisonneuve Park. The park spreads 63 hectares and allows citizens to practice varied sports all year round, including golf in the summer. The new building houses all the necessary services to operate the park’s driving range and golf course. It thus serves as the golf’s and one of the park’s entry points.

The new building’s footprint has been defined in response to the program and was developed to simplify the site’s numerous circulation paths. Two separate volumes welcome the building’s different functions. The first one houses the paying boots, a shop, administrative offices and public spaces (lobby, multipurpose room) while the second one contains the storage spaces.

The two volumes were designed to organize the traffic on the site. The angled segment marks the direction of the golf courses. The steel "carriage" doors give access to the interior spaces (shop and classroom), the bathrooms, and at the practice field. As the generous roof unites the two volumes, the directed gateway takes a stand. Inspired by the golf course, the green roof becomes its own new topography, and generates an interesting dialogue with the site.

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