Grass field and the Skies

Grass field and the Skies

Didyma, Turkey
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Grass field and the Skies

Taras3D as Architectural Design

A blend between a grass field and the skies, green and blue, nature and architecture, simple harmony. I wanted to create something simple, yet interesting and beautiful. To 'insert' architecture between two major elements: Earth and the Skies. To make it blend in a very natural way, to make the edges/borders disappear. I love nature and I love clean air! The grass on the field is pretty long, 0,5 meter, it brings you back to your childhood, when you spent summers with your grandparents, who lived in some rural area, with endless grassy fields, clean air and tender wind. I didn't use a lot of trees, because I wanted to amplify the grassy field - freedom - wind feeling. Just a few old strong oaks. I've combined the 'domino' and wave themes; Simple straight lines connected in a wave shape; Two colors. Few dominoes on the left side fell off, it enhances the domino theme and make the whole model asymmetrical.

Grass on the roof. Solar panels on the 'glass' part of the roof.

A mixed use project, which includes: Cultural (Art Gallery, Museum, Performing Arts Center, Artist Studio, and Library) and Commercial (Offices) areas. Total dimensions: Length = 126m; Width = 24m; Height = 25m. Each 'domino' is 15m tall (5 stories).

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Architectural Design
Siemens offices in Plzeň
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Siemens offices in Plzeň

Anglické nábřeží 2434/1, Plzeň 3-Jižní Předměstí, Czechia - Occupied in 2018
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