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Green Foret Competition, Malsysia, 2016 gianluca milesi architecture

Green Foret Competition, Malsysia, 2016 gianluca milesi architecture

gianluca milesi architecture
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gianluca milesi

Green Foret Competition, Malsysia, 2016 gianluca milesi architecture

gianluca milesi architecture as Architects

Green Foret Competition, Malsysia, 2016 gianluca milesi

Gianluca Milesi wiith ChenFeifan, Lin Jinchao, Samuela Martinelli,, Xu Yichen


Approaching this project we were impressed by the character and the dimension of the development planned on the all area in question on the shores of Malaysia facing Singapore and very close to this city. We were impressed by the nature of the project, though on artificial islands created or to be created in order to host new buildings, new people and many new activities. This approach of the area, difficult and exciting at the same time, and our thinking about it, brought us to focus on several aspect that should be taken in consideration in order to develop an interesting idea, able to valorise the area and to create a pleasant and interesting environment. We focused mainly on these aspects and topics:

the particular geography of the site the freedom in ing a master plan in an empty space the attention to the sustainability and the green system the study of the traffic and the circulation in favour of the pedestrian circulation the vertical and horizontal system the mix of the function the iconic aspect of the project

The geographic position of the project site is particular for the sea facing of the area and the vicinity to Singapore. These two aspects suggested to us to take in big consideration the nature of the shore and its beauty to be valorised and the panoramic view to and from sea, to and from future islands to be built and Singapore. This aspect, related to the fact that high rise building were requested by the brief, addressed our to have shore “parallel” lines of towers placed on the ground in order to allow a great view to sea, to be part of an urban consistent system and to be perceived as an interesting and beautiful skyline with a precise and recognizable . According with our interpretation of the geographic we thought to place an iconic system for the hotel and the main tower with mixed residential, office and commercial functions, where the hotel is close to shore with a great sea view and presenting itself as a nice surprising view to seen and the main tower as a landmark for the “center” of the area, linking horizontal and vertical life and circulation. The residential buildings of the areas C and D, thought as low towers, are also following the organic shape of the road and the green natural lines to be respected.

The new “existence” of the area brought as to think at our project with a certain level of freedom and “fantasy” because the tough that not many constrictions were present in the area, a part for the roads already present or the presence of the light train line. Thinking in this way we shaped our project in free way, keeping in mind we should create a pleasant, sophisticated and elegant environment.

The sustainability and the attention to the natural aspects of the project was another important point in our interpretation of the project. Starting from the statement that we didn’t want to have cars circulation in the areas outside of the two main roads and a part for the needs of fire fighters requirements and the freight needs the four areas were though for pedestrian or bicycle use and of a natural green environment. We created green areas on the level zero around the building and especially green paths connecting the buildings at different levels (12, 30 and 40 meters) interacting the buildings themselves through a system of complex and articulated public and private spaces. In our project the “green” is circulating all over, a different levels inside and outside our buildings. The building and the towers themselves are thought as “carved” by the green paths and the green, and gardens are thought at different levels of the buildings and the roofs.

As said earlier, we preferred the four areas of the project not to be used by cars if not necessary and for these reason we limited the circulation of the cars to the two main crossing streets and we covered the longitudinal main road with a green mixed use path that allow the free circulation of people an bicycles in a natural and relaxing environment.

The interaction of our green paths with the buildings and the towers at different levels allowed us to conceive an horizontal and vertical system where people and inhabitants can circulate, enjoy the nature an to live in a “city” though for the citizens who wants to enjoy their city.

We wanted to create a mixed system of functions in our plan and even if some building are destined to particular functions like the hotel, the other buildings were thought as a mix of residential, commercial, working and transportation spaces, coexistent in different percentages. The main tower “center” of our project was trough as horizontal-vertical structure hosting transportation means like railways and reads, commercial spaces, parking spaces, working spaces and residential spaces.

Because of the geographic particular situation and because of the need of these area to be appreciated known we though that iconic building should be thought. We placed a 200 hundred meter organically shaped in the center of our project and an hotel shaped with multiple organic volumes on the shore of the area A. This system of two iconic building is standing out in our project and it’s though as a sort of “signature” in an environment of towers and buildings that anyway is recognizable for the single spaces of the building, for the paths crossing the buildings and for “wave shape” of the skyline we ed, “cutting” the tops of the aligned towers and building according with this organic wave shape.

Following this project guide lines we developed the four plots of the area in a consistent and organic way and the four plots were conceived as a urban unit, connected on the ground and at different levels through “green” paths. In the area A we placed the main iconic tower, 200 metres high, with service apartments, working spaces, commercial spaces, exhibition hall and healthcare services, connected vertically over an open green square at 40 metres of hight. The main tower has been located over the road and the light train station and the road and the train are passing “through” the tower at different levels. On the roof of the main tower a swimming pools has been ed. In the area A we places also the service apartment towers, with different hights in the range of 70 and 100 meters. The towers can host also office and commercial spaces. “green areas were thought at differents levels of the towers. The hotle has been ed as an articulated building facing the sea shore and most of the rooms can have a great view on the sea. A swimming pool has been ed on the hotel roof and another swimming pool connects the hotel with sea.

In the area B we placed the luxury apartment towers , hosting working and commercial spaces too. The luxury towers are architectonically ed similar to the service apartment towers, with interior differences according to the size of the apartment. In the of the area A and B towers the sea view has been highly taken in consideration. In the area C and D we ed residence apartment as “green buildings” with terraces and open spaces and connected with green paths.. The residence apartment can host also commercial and working spaces. Two floor of parking has been located in the low building facing the road. In the area C we ed a parking tower with an hight “ growing from 70 to 100 and more meters.

We think that our project can be an organic and pleasant integration between and green environment, and elegant proposal for an intelligent way of living, a place to be lived and to be seen.

The drawings can explain in detail our idea of project.

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