Greening the City

Greening the City

NL Architects
Amsterdam, Netherlands
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'Greening' the City: Mini Golf at the Harbour Club parking lot

NL Architects as Architects

The Green, Definition: The green, or putting green, is the culmination of a golf hole, where the flagstick and hole are located. Getting the golf ball into the hole on the putting green is the object of the game of golf.

Building production in the Netherlands has come to a full stop, more or less. Numerous building sites currently remain un-used: the existing buildings have been demolished to make place for new developments but actual construction has been postponed…

Within an über-organized and rapidly gentrifying city like Amsterdam a temporary slow-down could perhaps also have an up-side.

Similar to the ‘Baulücken’ in Berlin -the scars of WWII that recently formed the fertile soil for fertility rates above average by creating space for playgrounds, terraces, bottom up activities, as such helping to reclaim the city for families- the vacant lots in Amsterdam might provide space to ‘breathe’.

‘Design as Activator‘, organized by Carolien Ligtenberg of Platform Openbare Ruimte (POR), aspires to catalyse these urban events. How can a small intervention spark city life? How can Design contribute to temporary use of these vacant lots?

POR made 3 sites available for 3 design firms: AAYU, Space & Matter and NL Architects. And provided a budget: 2.500 euro to design and build the proposal.

In the area called Cruquius development is stagnant as well. One of the vacant lots is right next to the immensely popular Harbour Club, a posh restaurant with branches in Rotterdam, The Hague, Amsterdam and Ibiza.

But there is a surprise. The given plot appears empty but proofs to be fully occupied: it serves as a parking lot. During the day a vast open space, During the day a vast open space, during the night a ‘sea’ of cars. Beautiful cars. Conflict of interests?

These cars might very well carry golf clubs in their booths... or even in club compartments.

How can we activate this parking lot? Can we reach a form of synergy with the Harbour Club?

How can we make an impact with such small budget on such a large plot?

We discovered that sod, ‘grass carpet’ is really cheap. Let’s create a green ‘TAG’!

‘Greening the City’ rolls out 9 putting greens in such a way that you can both putt and park: Usable Green Graffiti.

But where is the ninth hole?

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