Guatemala 5760
Albano Garcia

Guatemala 5760

KG Arquitectura as Architects

The building is located in the Palermo neighborhood. The land parcel is the traditional 8.66m wide Buenos Aires lot, with a northeast orientation.

The size and typology variation between units allows the building to be inhabited by a large range of people. The architects’ goal is to achieve as much of it as possible, while still having the interior spaces in consonance with the concrete structure. 

The typical plan accommodates three flexible units. Both a studio and a one bedroom fit in the back, facing the block center. While the unit facing the street can be a one or two bedroom, as per user preference.

By changing the floor plans, while still meeting the demands of the Buenos Aires building code, different unit typologies can coexist. On bottom of the smaller units there are two duplex in the second and third floor, each with a sizable private outdoor space. Additionally in the top floors a triplex with it’s own terrace, the outdoor space being located on the same story as the building-shared recreation areas.

The unit differentiation prompted the building structure to be planned with large concrete slabs, as to hold the different organizations. This means both in unit types and rooms within the same residence.

The architecture studio designed the details, including custom-made doors, metalwork and vegetation.

Wood, working as a material theme throughout KG Arquitectura’s projects, is present both in depth and height. The single parking space in the front of the building is paneled in solid Guayubira wood, accentuating the access. Throughout the building all signs are the same kind of wooden boards with routed lettering.

The architecture studio created the interior design of the front-facing fifth floor unit. At that height the tree tops are their densest, giving the apartment a privileged view, as well as regulating the interior temperature and privacy.

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Product Spec Sheet
Barras DN-A 420®
by Acindar
Linea Libby monocomando
Plank Natural Roble Camargue | D2833
Kit Spiro Parr
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