Guertin Boatport

Guertin Boatport

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Storm Bay, Ontario, Canada
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5468796 Architecture

Guertin Boatport

5468796 Architecture as Architects

The Guertin Boatport is a two-storey, open-air floating dock and fixed boardwalk situated on Storm Bay in western Ontario. The main level provides two sheltered boat stalls while the upper floor serves as an informal lounge space and viewing deck. Occupying a permanent position along an isolated stretch of the shoreline, the boatport accommodates shifting site conditions in order to provide a year-round amenity for the client.

The project is composed of fragmented vertical planes clad in reflective materials that scatter and redirect light off the lake’s surface. Perforated metal walls protect against wind and filter views while still allowing for extended sightlines of the bay and the surrounding Canadian Shield.

The boatport is accessed by an extruded aluminum plank boardwalk that follows the profile of the rocky shore. Flexible, hinged joints accommodate the rise and fall of water levels, as well as the freeze and thaw cycles of ice. The structure consists of custom designed, cold-formed steel C-channels, pressure treated joists and composite decking. The upper deck is lowered around its edges to keep the lake view clear and unobstructed by the stainless steel cable guards.

Project team
Product Specifications
KlarTech Inc.KlarTech Inc.Fabricator and Custom fabricated aluminum
McNICHOLS CO.McNICHOLS CO.Aluminum grate / plank
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