Guiniang Experience Store

Guiniang Experience Store

Shanghai, China
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Guiniang Experience Store

Ippolito Fleitz Group - Identity Architects as Interior Architects

Baijiu is the world’s most widely drunk spirit. The Chinese liquoris like none other and is becoming increasingly popular around the globe thanks to its versatility as a cocktail spirit.Some parts of the world, however, have yet to encounter the ‘white alcohol’. Our client, the Guiniang Group, wants this to change. The Shanghai-based company has set its sights on bringing this cult drink onto a new level – on an equal footing with world-famous, international spirits brands. Our interior design for the first Guiniang Experience Store in Shanghai shows what happens when you combine a product with a long tradition with a modern lifestyle on the highest level. We have created a meticulously curated customer journey through the traditions of Baijiu and the brand values of Guiniang.


The origins of Baijiu lie in Guizhou, a province of southwest China, which for a long time was considered almost inaccessible to the outside world. Guizhou is a mountainous region, blessed by cascading waterfalls and possessing a mysterious atmosphere – fertile ground for our creative approach that is inspired by water, the source of life and the soul of every good spirit.What is more, it refers to the history of Baijiu that stretches back over centuries.


The Experience Store possesses an elegant,saturated and luxurious ambience, while still allowing space for personal privacy: Clients can engage with the high-quality products on display without being disturbed.


Overall,Guiniangpresents itself as a brand on an international level, as an urbane and sophisticated friend, whom you would be happy to meet for a drink.


Asa still young brand, Guiniangwishes to conquer its home market before moving onto international markets. Both things are only possible with the very best Baijiu! The elaborate distilling process, treasured ingredients, a high product quality and an exclusive production volumeare the core brand values of Guiniang that encounter visitors to the store. Moreover, an enticing customer journey tempts you to forget the world around you and dive deep into the world of Baijiu. This is possible across many different areas of the new Experience Store – in the lobby, at the tasting barand at the display shelves that hold the brand’s hero products. Against this backdrop, you can experience the entire spectrum of high-quality Guiniang products, including precious single vintages.


Our concept translates the exceptional care thatGuinianginvests in the production processinto a world of sophisticated materials: Everything is crafted in a very precise and high-quality way – from marble floors to an elaborate lamellae ceiling, designed to recallthe overlapping silhouettes of the Guizhoumountains.The warm lighting we have chosen reflects the natural colours and gently conducts the client through the store. For the high-quality creations by Guiniangand theexclusive brand experience, we have used unique shapes, layers and materials – as unique as the taste of a high-quality Baijiu.

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