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Gurubu Eco Community Masterplan

Gurubu Eco Community Masterplan

Jackson Architecture & Consultancy Firm
Bonaire, Netherlands Antilles
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Private Houses

Gurubu Eco Community Masterplan

Jackson Architecture & Consultancy Firm as Architects

This project aspires to build high quality, efficient residences that at the same time embodied principles of universal design, passive design, and integrated advanced technological applications where appropriate. This community is a space to advance materials applications and design strategies to find the best possible solutions, and to be in harmony with the environment in a holistic, unique high end community in Bonaire.

The parcellation pattern will follow the topography of the site. Along the edges on the west and north side of the site, contiguous sites will fill the roads edge since it is already developed and with appropriate infrastructure. The rest of the site will be organized based on the existing topography to minimize earth movement and preserve the natural features of the site. The east and south ends of the site will stay as natural features not to be disturbed. The additional parcels will be around the existing low points where the water sits in detention ponds. This will allow the hydrology of the site to stay as intact as possible. Some site improvements will happen along the east edge rock mesa to be a park like setting for the residents. Lot size will be at a minimum of one thousand square meters (1.000 m2).

A network of roads and pedestrian/bicycle lanes will connect all the parcels into one network and to the existing roads. Two access points to existing roads will be provided to allow for flexible entry points for emergency services when needed. The pedestrians and bicycle lanes will encourage a healthier lifestyle and minimize the hardscape introduced to the site.

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