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HG House

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Nicolas Saieh

Casa HG

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HG House is a house on the beach for my parents, for them it was very important that the house could receive all the family and guests and also to function at a reduced size when they were alone.

“When an architect design for a relative, there is some experimental freedom, but then the next commission you must validate your work through the client."

Under these conditions the house was conceived as the interaction between three volumetricelements: the guest’sarea, service area and the master bedroom, then the gaps between these opaque and privateelements accommodate thepublic areas such as the living room, dining room which generate the connection to the outside. The volume that hosts the guests can be closed off when the owners are alone.

The plot has great ocean view but in the front it was exposed in a corner to both streets, which is why the house protects its own privacy from outside burrowing, without losing transparency, hiding the main access, parking lots, without losing the connection with the garden, the sun and sea views.

The house is completely built in concrete with a handcraft raw table cast. Because ofa condominium regulations the volume of the second floor has to be painted in white, which with the years and the humidity turn to green, so we paint it with a diluted paint so texture of the concrete allows the dirt more than a flawless white.

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