Hotel W, Santiago Chile

Hotel W, Santiago Chile

Stgo, Chile

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ACV in Chile: Hotel W

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ACV has been in the business of building hot water and heating equipment for ninety years in 2012. For decades the company has also built its presence in Europe, into Asia and across the Americas: in Chile ACV has been working with the established local business of Albin Trotter for nearly 20 years. Albin Trotter celebrates its 85’th anniversary in 2012: a South American business similarly dedicated to hot water systems and for a very similar amount of time to ACV. The partnership has worked on a number of highly prestigious projects in Chile, perhaps nowhere more so than the stunning “Hotel W” building in downtown Santiago. The soaring tower includes 18,000m2 of floor space, including 196 hotel rooms as well as two fine restaurants (“Osaka” and “NoSo”). All the hot water in the hotel and its facilities are powered by ACV. Eleven HM 201’s, the world class hot water solution found in leading hotels around the world, provide enough hot water to satisfy the demands of all its residents, guests and visitors. ACV with the future in mind: in Chile and around the world.

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