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Trošt Krapež Architecture
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Product Spec Sheet

ElementBrandProduct Name
ManufacturersCeramica Catalano
Supplier - Garden lightningINTRA LIGHTING
Supplier - FireplaceKamini Kocevar
Terazzo floorsTeracerstvo Milovan Mandic s.p.
Supplier - SofasZakelj

Product Spec Sheet
Supplier - Garden lightning
Supplier - Fireplace
Supplier - Sofas
by Zakelj

House AD

Trošt Krapež Architecture as Architects

The single-family house AD is situated in the foothills of PolhovGradec Dolomites, in the vicinity of the capital Ljubljana. Its architectural design follows the existing contours of the sloping terrain. There are two entirely different views of the building being developed from either the basement level or from the ground floor. Looking onto the single-storey part, two interconnected perpendicular masses are revealed. The two volumes are placed on top of the green landscape and covered with flat green roof, enveloped in a detailed metalfascia.Whereas the full extent of the building’s form can finally be observed from the basement level – the delicate top structure with accommodation spaces is being supported by an almost entirely buried base containing service spaces. This duality of the design is also reflected in the visual composition and material selection. The construction of the semi-underground base is done in reinforced concrete and materialized with large-format ceramic tiles and metal linings in dark tones.


The weightiness of the tiled elevation is softened by green surfaces overgrown with vines. The features of the entryway are defined by sharp, irregular edges, and the triangular canopy invites the user to follow the external staircaseto the upper level. In contrast to the heavier bottom, the ground floor above is an elegant structure made from cross-laminated timber framework, wrapped in white plaster lining with dark ceramic edges.


The large windows are positioned in a way that allows nature and light to enter and pass through. It is only by placing large slatted timber screens that the interior captures intimacy and exterior develops a sense of security and receives shading. The flat green roof is jutting out beyond the building outline, creating a continuous covered space that circles around the entire house and expands into a larger terrace that provides exceptional views across the green valley.


The programme scheme is divided into the service spaces, such as the garage, technical room andentertaining space below, and accommodation spaces in the ground floor above. The latter is formed by two perpendicular building masses, the north of which contains bedroom spaces, while the south one consists of living areas. The intersection of the two volumes becomes the main entrance point and location of vertical connection.


The spatial intervention aims to delicately manage the relationship between the existing terrain and new structures, while respecting the client’s wish to retain the existing flora and to tailor the building according to the site’s topography. Its presence complements the surroundings and allows the user to experience an irreplaceable connection to nature. The landscaping includes large grassed areas and planting of endemic bushes and high-reaching trees. Landscape design also integrates large boulders of the local dolomite that have been dug out in the first phase of construction.


Material Used :
- Garden furniture: Markelj Oprema d.o.o. / Rex Kralj d.o.o.
- Outside kitchen: Teracerstvo Milovan Mandićs.p.
- Outside flooring: Teracerstvo Milovan Mandićs.p.
- Garden lightning: Intra Lighting d.o.o.
- Fences: Danpol d.o.o.
- Roof: Bambi Nejko Škofs.p.

Interior products:
- Kitchen: Markelj Oprema d.o.o.
- Bedroom: Markelj Oprema d.o.o.
- Bathroom: Krismad.o.o.
- Ceramics: Krismad.o.o.
- Children’s room: Markelj Oprema d.o.o.
- Living room: Markelj Oprema d.o.o.
- Fireplace: Kamini Kočevar d.o.o.
- Sofas: Žakelj
- Dining: Rex Kralj d.o.o.
- Lightning: Intra Lighting d.o.o.
- Flooring: Teracerstvo Milovan Mandićs.p.
- Doors and windows: Markelj Oprema d.o.o. / Mizarstvo Košak d.o.o.

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