House Around a Tree

House Around a Tree

Mazamitla, Jalisco, Mexico - Build completed in 2017
Patricia Hernández

House Around a Tree

Espacio EMA as Architects

The house is located in the Sierra de Mazamitla, 120 km from the city of Guadalajara, in a narrow and stretched parcel with a considerable slope whose peculiarity is a middle-aged pine as a leading element. The project was conceived starting from the pineand respecting it as an articulating part of the house.


An introverted linear house of 6 meters wide by 20 meters long that closes towards the street, and opens completely towards the landscape through a cantilevered terrace throughout the house. Taking advantage of the natural elements of the site, stone walls were made to confine the project and welcome from the street. The main entrance is a solid wooden door 2 meters wide by 3 meters high, which opens directly on the spatial void generated by the pine.


The gable roof evokes the geometry of the traditional houses of the region, which is trimmedby a void which contains the pine. The natural location of the pine divides the house into 2 areas:the first one on the east side where the main room with bathroom and dressing room is located and separated from the rest of the house; the second one on the west side where we find the public areas, two bedrooms and a wooden volume containing the wet areas (laundry, half bath and full bathroom) that breaks with the constant linearity of the project both inside and outside.


Inspiration: relationship with landscape and views, pine as a leading element

Client requirements and program: middle-age single man living alone asking for isolated bedroom area and two extra bedrooms for his two daughters visiting from time to time.



 Containing walls built with local stone

 Supporting brick masonry

 Gable roof: metal structure with external metal sheet coating

 Concrete cantilevered slab



 Ceramic and wooden floor

 Parotawood inside and outside

 Parota wood door

 Apparent stone

 Washed concrete and stone in outside areas

 White plaster walls inside and outside

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Reception Pavilion
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