House – Vaulting

House – Vaulting

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House – Vaulting in Prague


At the beginning of the resolution of a block of flats in Prague’s grandiose quarter in Malvazinky with a number of significant First Republic villas, the question arose of how to integrate a new building into such a milieu. What could today direct a design to a form that could offer an impressive appearance? What should determine the character of such a building? One of the attributes often used in the past was vaulting, which predominantly meant a static possibility of providing it with a ceiling. We know of many historical palatial buildings that exude refinement, whose expression is based precisely on the use of vaulting. Nevertheless, the modern period does not work much with vaulting.


The design can thus be called ‘House with Vaulting’. It is a thorough application of cylindrical vaulting in the rooms that come into contact with daylight. The vaulting always begins two meters above the floor of the room and leads to the middle of an ellipse. With their overall profile, all of the rooms clearly are discernible in the façade and large windows also allow a view into the calm garden and on/of the panorama of Prague. The house has three flats, each of which has a direct independent entrance. From the perspective of construction, the building is designed from monolithic, fair-face concrete, which is an ideal construction material because of the implementation of vaulting.


Material Used :

1. Concrete
2. Wood
3. Steel

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