Houseboat Arnhem

Houseboat Arnhem

Hoogte 2 Architecten
Onderlangs, Arnhem, Netherlands | View Map
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Private Houses
Alexander Van Berge & quub b.v.

Houseboat interior by quub interior concepts

quub interior concepts as Responsible for interior concept, design, advice, functional furniture design, realisation and styling

Essence of the houseboat interior of quub:

The solidification of vision.

Making an inventory of all the ingredients present: The life of the future residents, the location and place, the architecture and the vision and expertise of quub, the practically functional and the emotionally functional.

The end result is uniquely authentic and specific to the residents


quub interior concepts was asked to develop a unique and authentic interior for the owners of a new houseboat to be built.

An interior that allows the jointly determined vision of this specific Arnhem location to solidify.

It has become an inspiring collaboration with all parties involved and that can be seen in the end result.



The process that led to this end result is built up step by step from the following set of inspiring principles:

It is the scenarios that came from dreams of the future and opportunities; The fantastic endless sight lines that accentuate the beautiful view; The references to the context of the water-rich location, which we were able to incorporate into the finish and materials, such as the ripple and reflections in the water surface, translated into, among other things, the fabric acoustic panels wall and the use of glass.

This has led to a user layout that fits in seamlessly with the design wishes, whereby we, as designers, have received complete trust and freedom from our customers. The layout of the use and the architectural finish of the interior and the total design with custom and loose furniture, up to and including the accessories belonged to our assignment

The ‘Hoogte Twee Architecten’ floor plan is clear and timeless. All walls around are free and there is one central blue steel central ship with various functions and the stairs. From that central ship there is the possibility to close off spaces with sliding walls.

It is a completely local project, all parties involved are from Arnhem.

We have made a connection between the interior with the river and nature outside.

Everywhere is a view of the river, even from the shower.

Due to the southern location, the sunlight does its work optimally.

The positions of the functions are determined based on the changing light.

This was a unique project for us, which is partly due to the clients.

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Project Credits
Responsible for interior concept, design, advice, functional furniture design, realisation and styling
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