I and M chalet

I and M chalet

Bernard Mallat Architects
Faqra, Lebanon | View Map
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Private Houses

I and M chalet in Faqra, Lebanon

Bernard Mallat Architects as Architects

Elevated 1700m above sea level, and sitting on a sharp slope of limestone strata, the site overlooks a rough terrain of steep cliffs and deep valleys.

The concept driving these two contiguous private houses is an attempt at negating the vertical and displacing the user in space while communing with nature in a multiplicity of ways.

Two intertwined volumes sit on the slope shifting from each other to accommodate ample access stair and breathtaking views. Floor surfaces shoot out of the envelope into space projecting the user into the landscape. The slab edges taper gently and make the hovering slabs appear paper-thin. Exterior walls dematerialize as glass invites light and scenery into and through the spaces. Vertical connections such as elevators are also clad in glass, while stairs transform into a series of seemingly floating horizontals set on thinning slabs that bend only to level again and re-emphasize the plane. Although clearly integrated in the slope the rectilinear language of the project contrasts with the natural and organic surroundings.

While the rooftops overlook the vast stretches of rolling land formations, the ground level terraces are situated off the living and dining spaces and look out over the garden and pool, allowing for additional dynamic interaction between users. The lowest live-in level reaches out from the game room, and provides a more extensive contact with nature.

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