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Developed for the Roads Expo in Mexico City 2011 this structure was built on an area of 6 x 3 m with a constructive system made of interlaced MDF pieces that create modulated bearable configurations, in this case we made a reticule of 30 x 30 cm, that acquire movement and texture when their form changes on two directions, concave in plant creating pedestrian circulation and convex on the elevation where it acquires lightness challenging its center of gravity. We chose this constructive system because the low cost and short time of installation, extremely necessary for this type of exhibitions. We used white laminate panels where we cut the pieces in CNC to get the necessary precision to build this “waffle”. Without nails, glue and specialized manpower, this stand arrives to 4.40 m of height through vertical joints that are marked in the surface increasing the texture in the back part. More than a stand, we tried to make context by contrast installing this object in a totally conventional surrounding, the visitors feel attracted by the stand and then they approach to it, generating a flow condenser that make an easier interaction between the public and the expositors.

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Rixheim II
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Rixheim II

Rue de Pologne, Rixheim, Alsace (68), France - Build completed in 2019
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