Interior office building utrecht

Interior office building utrecht

Jeanne Dekkers Architectuur
Utrecht, Netherlands | View Map
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Robert Oerlemans

Interior Office Building Utrecht

Jeanne Dekkers Architectuur as Architects

The Cirqada office building on the Papendorp industrial estate in Utrecht has light, spacious office floors. A standard floor includes four cores with restrooms, lifts and stairwells. In the original state the three stairwells were fitted with fire-resistant vestibules that connected the cores. In the new design, based on the OGH concept, removing these vestibules and relocating the fire compartmentalization transforms the cores into separate components in the space, creating unequally sized areas and various walking routes. The use of different numbers of components with various shapes results in diversified floor landscapes. The spaces between the diversely situated components accommodate more sheltered workstations. An urban landscape, too, features various components. They may block our view or, as the case may be, attract our attention. Some components serve as landmarks. As if this were a city, we created some spaces that narrow into squares, some spaces that host a lot of activity and also quiet places, like nice little parks. We created perspectives that help people orientate. Each component represents a function of its own.

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