Itsu store

Itsu store

Terra e Tuma
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Project Year
Pedro Kok

Itsu store

Terra e Tuma as Architects

The project for Itsu store in Rio de Janeiro was an interesting challenge for us: a project that required a fast design solution that complies with the demands of a shopping mall and, at the same time, something that dialogues with a young and urban brand that Itsu represents. On our first visit, the concrete blocks from the existing structure of the shopping was a eye catching, which led us to develop an "exhibition wall": revealing the raw materials of the building while also creating modular shelves with the blocks. The gray palette and the pale pink from the hydraulic tiles highlights the wooden objects of Itsu which, combined with the vegetation and the lighting, provides a fresh and contemporary atmosphere to the store.

Project team
Beta Cae Systems office
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Beta Cae Systems office

Thessaloniki, Greece
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