Judkins Park House

Judkins Park House

b9 architects

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seattle, United States
William Wright

Judkins Park House

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Maximizing allowable density and saving the original 1900 farmhouse, we developed an infill solution to occupy the existing driveway. As the owners of the existing farmhouse we preserved access to daylight and respected the qualities and scale of the original structure. We utilized sustainable technologies and sourced materials thoughtfully, creating a “custom” home affordably for speculative purposes. Within the new home, spaces are designed with specific purposes, but allow for additional uses. A new grasscrete driveway shared by both homes keeps the front yard green and creates a place to gather in the place of off-street parking. The front of the new home matches the width and setback of the original structure addressing the rhythm of the existing urban fabric. It is two stories at the street, respecting the size and scale of the neighboring houses and increases to three stories at the rear of the property. The garage for the new attached home is heated, with a glass garage door suggesting inhabitation instead of parking. Entry to the home is around the south side of the house, recessed slightly with a wall angled in from the walking, made of recycled concrete from the original driveway. The new house at the narrowest part of the site and the home in an open vertical space. The interior width of the home varies from 9.75 feet at its narrowest to 15 feet at its widest and volumes vary in height from 8 feet to 30 feet. After entering the house, one’s eye is immediately drawn upwards into the open living spaces above by the arrangement and shapes of varying volumes and colors. The main living spaces are connected to the open entry space, with stairs located against the shared wall between the dwellings. At the ground floor is a media room connected and separated with a sliding door to the entry. Above, the living, kitchen and dining spaces are open to each other in plan and shifted slightly in section at the bridge in the entry volume. These volumes are created in such a way as to allow for unexpected uses.

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