SADAR+VUGA as Architects

The K66 site is the first development of the Šmartinska masterplan and its design approach should be a catalyst for the future growth of the entire area. Set in a time of crisis, opportunistic speculative development is unsuitable. Instead our proposal is to provide added value and meaning to the community.

The main feature of the masterplan is a large conic shaped park, designed to function as the ‘armature' of the district. The "Window to the park" complex acts as a terminating focal point for this park and stands as a connector between the new masterplan and the existing residential urban fabric. To reflect this condition, the development functions as a landmark when viewed from the park but is fragmented on the residential side to resemble the scale and forms of the surrounding buildings.

WINDOW TO THE PARK - WEST (RIBBON + CARRIER) A sustainable form, a lively character and a diverse environment are the aims of this proposal.

- Ecologically shaped massing "Ribbon"The massing of the residential ribbon is a result of the application of environmental parameters such as solar and light gain, prevailing winds, views and privacy; The ribbon is divided into "clusters of housing" defined by access cores. Each cluster has a distinct character and mix of apartment types: terrace apartments; double-sided apartments; standard apartments; studios ; penthouses; duplex

- The carrierThe carrier is a large slab element at the base of the complex, which is occupied by a rich mix of public program. Its roof acts as aa public plaza on the North and a residential courtyard on the South; Light wells penetrate the carrier and allow light down to the retail at ground level

WINDOW TO THE PARK - SOUTHT he southern part of the K66 site contains a medical center and a residential complex, which are incompatible from an operational or marketing point of view. They are therefore treated as separate buildings, which enables: - A clear division of medical and residential program - Separated parking areas - Potential for a phased construction sequence

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