Kayak Kanu Club
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Kayak Kanu Club

Sangrad + AVP as Architects

The river Sava is an important natural element of the city of SlavonskiBrod and there is a big tradition of kayaking and canoeing, so the local government decided to support this by building the new KAYAK CLUB located next to the City’s Stadium, near the embankment along the Sava River. The theme of the context determined by the structure of the existing and the future stadium complex, the vicinity of the Sava River, a certain symbolism of the purpose of the project and the structure of program is contained within the design concept.

The volume begins with a semi-open, covered courtyard, open in the middle with a niche at the main entrance and ends with a closed gable at the stadium. On the ground floor, the structure of the building is dominantly full, and on the upper floor is completely transparent up to the roof hovering over the site as a symbol of a raised, carved kayak that it held up when entering the water.

On the ground floor there are indoor spaces related to building accessibility, consisting of a two-story gym with a dressing room and sanitary facilities, training rooms, office spaces and two storages - boat hangars oriented to the covered, partially enclosed space.

The yard area serves for the outside preparation of the team, is enclosed by a wall against the soccer field, and is open to the street, the embankment and the river.

On the floor of the building there is a main club room for gathering with a handy kitchen and connecting to the south, east and west outdoor areas - a terrace overlooking the river or soccer pitch. As far as material is concerned, the load-bearing structure of the building to the level of the ground floor is made of classical reinforced concrete elements, walls, columns, beams and slabs, and the roof structure and the floor columns are steel.

The filling walls are made of hollow brick and the facade is coated with a ventilated façade system. The roof cover is made of aluminum plates. The facade and roof tiles are in dark color whereas the interior is in wood and light colors giving warmth and importance of the interior atmosphere.

The basic element of a sustainable building is defined by the shape factor. In our case, the volume is a predominantly compact form whose physics are defined in accordance with the highest standard of energy. The system of heating, cooling and ventilation systems is based on maximum utilization of renewable energy and the use of maximum efficient systems. The combination of the outdoor unit of the heat pump and the indoor units provides the possibility of simultaneous heating and cooling, which ensures individual control of comfort in each area depending on the user requirements. The built-in heat system has a heat recovery process that allows for free cooling of sanitary hot water or rooms where there is a demand for heating, which further increases the energy efficiency of the system.

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Aichi Prefecture, Japan - Build completed in 2018
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