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Komoda house

Komoda house

KWK Promes Konieczny
n/a, Poland
Private Houses

Komoda house

KWK Promes Konieczny as Architects

The building has been created in the old part of the town.It is placed in place of the old, torn down, brick, investor's house. The new house was meant to be bigger than the old one, and what is even more important it had to isolate the houshold members from their neighbour, with whom the house borders on the sunniest suthern-eastern side.This situation inspired the idea of the design.The demolished, cube shaped house had windows only in its front and back elevations. The new house designed in its previous outline has been constructed very similiarly, however its side solid walls have been parted.As a result the interior of the house is larger, the amount of light inside is much greater with the design affording total privacy for the occupants. The new house resembles the old one by bricks as well. The structure of the building is connected with its function. The private zones are insides of the particular drawers, which are customized to individual tastes and needs of each resident. the parting of the drawers caused creating of an interesting material homogenous common space. The construction of the buildingi is based on the steel structure. Maximal range of the supports is 5 metres. As a result all the walls of the building are of a light hollow constuction filled with mineral wool.

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Tandia Financial Credit Union
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