Again, we had to put the tracing papers on existing urban tissue of Wroclaw. And again fumble in the run-down genotype of this part of downtown, looking for his characteristics. Starting point, dramatically uninteresting - it was a former HQ of company junk, but with a strong potential spatial and cultural awakening. The local master plan tailored for this place assumed two quarters of unbalanced development intersected the extension of the street. Urban planning have given the first of them form a solid block. 7-storey building closes puzzle urban quarters, stretching all the way from the railway. All floors are easily accessible terrace with river view so the urban landscape - our small contribution to the evolution of the modern workplace.

The second building blocks, residential and commercial building Kurkowa 14, creates a coherent urban planning concept with an office building. The project is our response to the attempt to adapt the demands of modernist housing (light, air and views) to the nineteenth century urban tissue. Hence one, share dentrancegate to the yard, which raised the level of +1 and makes a reinforced concrete drawer river. All this gets a fairly clear zoning of space: public, a semi-public (the river side boulevard), neighborhood (the courtyard on one platform), orprivate (gardens at ground floor apartments).

This project is a little bit of everything: of the gate, on the street, on the city square on the boulevard finally on the river. It is simply about the city.

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Genk, Belgium - Build completed in 2016
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