La reina House
Pablo Casals Aguirre

La reina House

Gonzalo Iturriaga | Arquitectos as Architects

Located in surroundings where the morphology of the land grants the formal conditioners and the space qualities are product of a revealed and noticed condition. There the architecture, the conception of the space is born. This space that gave foot to a project that emphasizes the routine character of practices of a user in his to happen. Where the basic conditions of the human being intensify from their necessity and not only from the subjective speculation, but from the human empirical capacity. That we presented/displayed, that we lived, that experience.

The project proposes to perceive, to feel, to live and to belong to the space. To return to the basic thing, to understanding empiricist where the watching user/manages to feel the project, leaving of side the aesthetic. To undress of the object and to live the space, the architecture is space.

The view projects in the form and the form responds to the usuary function to see the city and to feel the nature. Duality conceptually reflected in the material condition, natural wood/, concrete/city.

The spaces formally maintain the qualities of the land, adapting them to the use granted by program.

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Bangkok, Thailand - Build completed in 2021
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