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NewsNews • 15 Feb 2023

A short history of Le Corbusier

Famed Swiss architect and city planner, Charles-Édouard Jeanneret-Gris – better known by his pseudonym Le Corbusier - was born in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland, October 6, 1887, and died in Cap Martin, France, August 27, 1965. Image by Alexander Coles from Pixabay He is considered to be one of the most important architects of the 20th century and his monumental influence can still be felt today. Back in 2016, seventeen of his architectural works were named World Heritage sites by UNESCO. His world-renowned oeuvre combines functionalism from the modern movement with bold sculptural expressionism. Ricardo Gomez Angel Le Corbusier had no formal training as an architect. At thirteen he left... More

Project • By HONG DesignworksOffices

Office of New Silk Road E-Commerce Company

In the modern home, colour harmonies which are definitely architectural and yet suited to the natural taste and needs.    Besides a well-known architect, Le Corbusier is also a chromatist. He emphasized many times that colors played an important role in space. Based on his masterpiece Architectural Polychromy, he summarized two colour collections in 1931 and 1959, with 63 colors arranged in different spatial moods. In the article “Purism” he co-authored with Amédée Ozenfant in 1920, he mentioned that shades could be arranged hierarchically and defined the first range of colors as “la grande gamme”, which consists of hues such as ochre, red, brown, white, black, blue, etc. and of course their... More

Project • By Michael K. Chen ArchitectureYachts


Michael K. Chen Architecture designs Pied-à-Mer, an Apartment at SeaMichael K. Chen Architecture (MKCA) has completed the interior architecture and design of a 600-square-foot luxury apartment aboard the largest residential yacht on the globe. Drawing on Le Corbusier’s interest in streamlined, mid-20th century steamship design and MKCA’s own expertise in creating compact, multifunctional spaces in contemporary urban environments, the apartment is simultaneously adaptable, efficient, and strikingly elegant.   Playfully dubbed by MKCA as a pied-à-mer, the residence serves as a holiday home for a couple and their grown children, transforming seamlessly from a spacious one-bedroom to a two-bedroom apartment thro... More

Project • By Rob Mills Architecture & InteriorsApartments

Fawkner House

The intent of this boutique apartment building in South Yarra is to redefine the genre by taking inspiration from Le Corbusier’s 1954 chapel Notre Dame du Haut in Ronchamp, France, for its combination of organic mass, distinctive form and diversity of space. The resulting Fawkner building has a sense of openness – the quality of an embrace – in its engagement with the streetscape. The journey to the apartments is a sequential passage through a landscaped garden arbour to a double height sculptural foyer of glass, stone and stucco. Inside the apartments, the treatment of the walls echoes the external circular motif, as intersections are curved and softened. This promises to be a notable building for the prestigious Melbourn... More

Project • By Alicia HolgarApartments

Avian Apartment

This project involved the refurbishment and redecoration of a prestigious private apartment in Brisbane, Australia. Located within an iconic Harry Seidler building, the refresh sought to extend and evolve the fluid form and function embedded in the architecture with a focus on art as an integrated expression of ingenuity. The client brief was to reimagine the apartment into a luxurious and impressive residence with a light and welcoming atmosphere within a moderate budget and timeframe. Laden with generic black and red furniture on a stark palette of finishes, the initial space felt cold and abrupt. There was no cohesion between the look, feel and function of the interior, which dramatically degraded the impact of the architecture. Whilst a... More

Project • By Studio WonderPrivate Houses

Malvern Residence

This full refurbishment, located within an early Merchant Builder’s development, comprised a new kitchen, two bedrooms, two bathrooms, robes, study and overall space planning. All surfaces but the fantastic timber ceiling were updated. Here, our design intent was decisive from the get-go: try to be as sympathetic to the initial design (what’s not to love about the 70s!), while updating the space for current, and future, needs. We introduced earthy textures via a range of new materials; the existing, lush greenery outdoors was embraced, so aspects encouraging further interaction between interior and exterior set a precedent; and the existing carpet was pulled up to expose concrete which was then polished throughout.   Key... More



Since its creation in the middle of the 19th century there has not been only one Filature de Ronchamp, but several form of it, that have followed one another in response of adaptations made necessary by technical developments. La Filature de Ronchamp is today a versatile site, frequented and generating links. The industrial enclave of La Filature was intended by the community of the municipalities of RAHIN and CHÉRIMONT as an opportunity to develop business service activities and new services for people, such as sport, culture, leisure and tourism.The site development project made it possible to think of this wasteland as a space of innovation, a territory of the future, by capturing the specific features of the heritage of the... More

Project • By Charged VoidsPrivate Houses

Residence 1065

Location – The project is located in Chandigarh.  Chandigarh is a city designed by le Corbusier located 250km North of Delhi. The city was the first major master planning endeavor in independent India and is a symbol of modernism for the country.   Site: The site is located in sector 27, which is a part of the first phase of the city. This part of the city often referred to as Corbusian Chandigarh embodies the principles of CIAM of living, working, care of body & spirit and circulation. The site is a corner plot located on the internal sector road (V4 & V5). The site had zoning regulations with a setback on all 4 sides. Site Area – 1000 sq. yards      F.A.R –1.25   BRIEF... More

Project • By Studio MartinPrivate Houses

Fitzgibbon Residence

The residence was a completely new build that the client had purchased off the plan located in a leafy suburb on the outskirts of Melbourne, Australia approximately 12km from the CBD. Studio Martin were engaged to design the interiors and enhance the spatial experience.   Their brief was to create a soft, calm space with clean lines that offered a sense of sanctuary from the hustle and bustle of the every day.   Working within the Architects framework our approach to the project was to create a minimal and paired back interior to emphasise a sense of calm. The intent was to use few materials that were natural and solid to create warmth. This idea was carried throughout the home forming a cohesive journey.    &n... More

Project • By Le CorbusierExhibitions

Pavillon Le Corbusier

The Pavillon Le Corbusier kicks off its new season on 9 June 2020. Le Corbusier’s last building is a vibrantly colored architectural masterwork that is open to the public as a museum. This year’s exhibition, Le Corbusier and Zurich, looks at the iconic Swiss architect’s relations with the city of Zurich.   The second exhibition mounted by the Museum für Gestaltung Zürich (“Museum of Design Zurich”) at the Pavillon Le Corbusier focuses on the connections between the world-famous architect and the city of Zurich. Le Corbusier remarked in 1927 that he found Zurich to be an “inviting, lively, agreeable, and friendly city.” His exchanges with Zurich were not always untroubled, and yet a... More

Project • By Studio Ferlazzo NatoliPrivate Houses

Eclectic taste

250 sqm house in the Navigli district in MilanSynthetic description The house is inside a residential complex consisting of independent villas, It is on 3 levels and the laundry and garage are located in the basement, with independent access. Entrance with flight of stairs on the ground floor First floor living area with kitchen, one bedroom and one bathroom and terrace Second floor attic 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms Basement laundry room and technical room, car garage   SECOND FLOORFew punctual interventionsCustom furniture to optimize the rooms. Privileged white color and essential lines in contrast with modern or ethnic furnishings.   STAIRWELL Interventions on the stairwell: partial demolition of the wall from first to... More

Project • By Studio Dwell ArchitectsPrivate Houses

House Etch

House Etch is a private home for a professional couple with children located in the Lakeview neighborhood in Chicago.  The couple was drawn to the mid-century modern aesthetic of Latin American architecture where ornament made way for interest in volumes and planes and exterior materials were expressed and celebrated. Drawing on the visionary work of that time from architects such as Niemeyer, Villanueva and Le Corbusier, the owners looked to explore those past innovative forms and materials with a fresh interpretation.   In response to their vision and the materials used in early Latin American modern architecture, the exterior was comprised of two materials to ensure a strong composition; board formed concrete and stained ceda... More

Project • By Bureau Brisson ArchitectesPrivate Houses


Acquired by a young couple with two children, the house is located along the Lake Geneva in Switzerland, in the small village of Corseaux. During the same decade of Le Corbusier’s “VillaLe Lac”, the dwelling shows an architectural style that differs from the neighbourhood, halfway between the typical Swiss chalet and the halftimbered house. Nevertheless, it is listed, like the entire district in the inventory of Protected Swiss Sites. The intervention respects several criteria, particularly on sensitive subjects such as the addition of new skylights and the replacement of all the windows. After discussion with the section of monuments and sites, the dormers are precisely proportioned and the windows carefully chosen to enh... More

Project • By Austin Patterson Disston ArchitectsPrivate Houses

Mid-Century Modern Revived

Set on the tallest dune in Quogue and overlooking both the Atlantic Ocean and Quantuck Bay,this restored mid-century modern house was originally designed in the early 1960s by architect Abraham Geller. Rooted in abstract expressionism, the 3,830 square-foot house evokes artist Piet Mondrian’s grid of black lines and primary colors as well as architect Le Corbusier’s exuberant butterfly roof design. Each section of the double-diamond façade includes a triangular portion pointing down which creates a central butterfly roof effect on the exterior and high ceilings and large water view windows on the inside. The large windows and vaulted ceiling let in natural light, creating an expansive central living room/dining room. &nb... More

Project • By Conner + Perry Architects, Inc.Private Houses

Rustic Canyon Residence

Los Angeles natives Jamie Price and Brad Schlei engaged organic architecture experts Kristopher Conner and James Perry of Conner + Perry Architects to design a home that seamlessly fits their family and lifestyle, while also showcasing a world-class art collection and effortlessly blending into this beloved section of Santa Monica Canyon. Taiyo Watanabe Taiyo Watanabe Taiyo Watanabe Taking cues from the property’s surrounding Oak and Eucalyptus trees, the firm designed a residence that allows for reflection, openness, and serenity. Key design features include windows that frame the magnificent trees, extended canopy-like, cantilevered eaves and fully pocketing glass exterior walls that open to a central courtyard to of... More