Lando Restaurant

Lando Restaurant

Barcelona, Spain
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Cesar Lucadamo

Lando Restaurant

Decorner as Architects

Landois located in the bowels of the Pere Calders passage,in the vibrant and charismatic neighborhood of SantAntoni, Barcelona, ina welcoming and vivid hangar that, as same as the dishes, take us back to a cosmopolitan and nostalgic Europe with a reinvented gastronomic tradition.

For implementation of the project, Decorner, a studio from Barcelona, has worked together with the owners, Toni Schulz, Albert Soler, Òscar Gómez and Vanesa Virumbrales, with the aim to capture the flair of the most modern locations in Europe. The result has been a space that surprises with its honesty and its well-taken carespatial and culinary simplicity. A unique place, where the Wood, the tiles and the simplicity are the protagonists of a Space which a huge respect for the existing architecture; a place where history envelops the design giving it an own character.

Theproject The site, which was originally an automobile mechanical workshop, is L-shaped and has an open-space main floor and a service area, the whole built-up area is about 175m2.It has a capacity for 70 diners, a central bar counter divides the main room in two zones: the eating and the bar area.

The main deal of the Project has been to leave the essence of the site untouched, refurbishing subtly the existing pavement, ceiling and walls, avoiding losing its characteristic patina and charm.

All the added elements have been designed especially for the Project, creating a big contrast between the new and existing materials, thereby conferring it an own image that refers toan domestic space in an industrial atmosphere. In this restaurant the respect for the simplicity and the existing is shown from the architecture to the menu passing through the furniture selection.

The façade, located on the Pere Calders passage, is composed by a triple arcade that shows the high of the site. Its transparency suggests the flair of the space and during the day the natural light reaches the interior.

Continuing with the honesty that envelops the Project, the logotype has been painted directly on the façade keeping the strong personality making it easily recognizable.

Lighting The Lighting is one of the main features of the interior design at Lando. A cloud of incandescent bulbs, dispersed and apparently disordered, fill the space, streaming in the room with a warm brass-like light. Thanks to the different highs and its regulation possibilities the lighting can be adjusted to maintain the magic of the Space in each moment.

At the bar area, the spot lighting clear the needs of this working Space meanwhile it offers comfort and warmth. At the back, a big illuminated mirror generates a big contrast between the sobriety of the restaurant achieving a good balance that makes the difference.

Materials and colors The used materials have a strong industrial character which is inspired by reminders of the own site and by center-european references from the clients.

Priority has been given to the use of noble materials, with aresolidand functional, with no fear of showing patinas, spot weldsorwood knots,with the aim of f bringing the initial concept to its highest expression: a project where quality and elegance live together with simplicity and honesty. Other important materials are, the white ceramic tile of the big skirting that envelops all the room, and the turquoise ceramic tile, that highlights the bar, which Works as the heart of the Project. The black metal of the window frames, the concrete of the pavement and the garapa Wood of the furniture,finally make a material palette of elegant and sober tones that surrounds the diner in a special and comfortable ambient.

Furniture Unlike other restaurant projects, in this case the furniture has been designed especially for this Project. Antique furniture images where taken as the starting point to redesign extracting its essence and adapting them to the particular needs of the Project: the bar, the tables, the bench and the central cupboard.The result has been different furniture pieces which appeal to our memory through its shapes and finishing’s with a sober and elegant design that reinforce the character of the restaurant.

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