Landscape House

Landscape House

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Tao Lei

Landscape House

TAOA as Architects

It is a rebuilt dwelling with its back against a dense community. Right in front of it is a large open area close to the lake of the community, and a community park can be seen in the distance. The landscape here is beautiful with the wide vision.


The intention of the architecture is to lead the indoor life to the outdoor so that the owners can enjoy the beautiful environment better. Because of its special position facing away from the community, the architecture is designed as a semi-private and semi-open space. Inside the courtyard, it is not easy to perceive the existence of the dense community visually. What is seen is a close view of the courtyard, a middle view of the lake and a distant view of the community park.


The facade of the original building facing the landscape was completely opened, leaving only the necessary structure. At the same time, awnings, living platforms and ramps have been added to the outdoor, leading the originally isolated indoor space to the outdoor and expanding it into a horizontal landscape, and also expanding the feeling of the indoor living space to the courtyard, extending all the way to the lake, and planning the park landscape in the distance into a continuous plane.


The sunken courtyard is designed as a sloping field, which integrates the underground space and the second floor into the continuous and three-dimensional landscape system and is closely connected with the landscape on the ground. The other three sides of the architecture are enclosed by the courtyard wall, which shields the community and establishes a complete space atmosphere having only landscape. All of these is to let indoor life return to nature and feel nature again.

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