Leeskabinet in Rotterdam

Leeskabinet in Rotterdam

Gmt+1 arhitekti
Rotterdam, Netherlands


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Leeskabinet in Rotterdam

Gmt+1 arhitekti as Architects

Even thought the role of reading material, the book will change, the act of reading will remain. The reading itself is a complex activity influenced by its surroundings. Therefore, the environment for reading needs to be designed carefully. Within this library different reading environments occur, from more relaxed and public to more strict and private. Environments are created with diverse space properties, influencing readers perception. Different, yet similar environment share a physical connection, a vertical void. The void psychologically connects different programs, which are dispersed trough the building vertically. Different functions required special spatial qualities and are expressed in the interior as well in the exterior. Even thought, a diversity of functions is expressed on the facade, the building is one unity and it is following the context.

You can see more on www.gmt1arhitekti.com.

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