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Olivier Palatre Architectes
Seine river, France | View Map
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Olivier Palatre Architectes as Architects

L’Etoileen Seine offers a full experience of enjoying culture while sailing on the Seine river.

The floating equipment while be built from the restructuration of an industrial boat. The volume will be constraints by navigational constraints which means 45m long by 11m wide by 6m high. It extends over two levels, the hold level and the deck level and a large terrace on the top. Most of the time, l’Etoile en Seine willstay in Paris in different stations: port du Gros Caillou, Port de Solférino, Port de l’Arsennal, … However, sometime it will move to suburban cities for events such as film festivals.

From the quay, the visitor could either take a sit at the restaurant tables or access to the cinema hall. From that hall, he is invited to go down and join the hundred seats cinema with a stylish and smart atmosphere. At the end of the projection, the screen goes up and invite the spectator to take place in the plenary room for debates and discussions or join the restaurant.

Kitchens are downs, they will be comfortable in order to offer the best condition for a renowned chef to cook. On the deck level, around sixty places will available in the restaurant room with an amazing views on the river.

On the top, a large accessible terrace is accessible as an extension of the public space. It will a proper place for relaxing or having a drink in an informal way.

The façade will be illuminated in order to turn l’Etoileen Seine into a landmark by night. A screen on the back could be used for promotion or outdoor projections.

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