Tochigi, Japan
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e-house・archi・collaboration as Architects

The architecture was constructed depth and height of the space in section while considering the motion line and the psychology of the customer.

When you exit the low entrance of the ceiling, there is a slanting ceiling of the lounge. Customer finished the reception and counseling in the lounge, and go to treatment room through the low ceiling corridor. Treatment room also oblique ceiling, the highest height is 3,500mm.End is provided with a courtyard, it is possible open-minded services.

Among this series of cross-sectional plan, we were planning to ensure the lighting and ventilation of the lounge and treatment room.

Lounge is set to a little darker, treatment rooms were set to be bright on the contrary, it has given the contrast.

Entrance → Lounge → back yard → treatment room → courtyard

Motion line and ceiling height it was arranged various rooms to be proportional. It was architectural the sharp of space and psychology of customers by suppressing the ceiling height of the backyard and passage.

By the motion line plan and a cross-sectional plan, and will be making a wide facade of frontage, it has a plan to increase the sign effect of the architecture.

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