Lieschen Mueller Hospitality Concept

Lieschen Mueller Hospitality Concept

Dan pearlman Erlebnisarchitektur GmbH
Berlin, Germany
Project Year
Guido Leifhelm

Lieschen Müller: filling up like at mom’s

Dan pearlman Erlebnisarchitektur GmbH as Designers

“Lieschen Müller” is a synonym for the average “German hausfrau”, knowing every trick concerning household and kitchen. The hospitality concept plays with this story of Lieschen Mueller and fulfils the longing for what is genuine and real and reflects down-to-earthiness and warm hospitality. The brand itself was developed based on the myth of Oma Liesegang, whose culinary and baking artistry was well known throughout Berlin. The concept’s goal was to translate the idea “of the good old days” into the present, and in this way to create a brand which combines both, craftsmanship and modernity. In designing the interior space, the challenge was to develop an unique design concept which proves individuality and an attitude of loving simplicity. Lieschen Müller creates a neighbourhood meeting place with a strong recognition value and goes beyond traditional home cooking.

The interdisciplinary team of dan pearlman was responsible for all phases, from developing the brand itself to interior concept, corporate design and product branding. The interdisciplinary team work between Brand Experience and Visual Communication together with the makers of Lieschen Müller reflects the cooperative approach at dan pearlman.

The approach of implementing the interior concept was “the original”. Lieschen Mueller stands for tradition, which is integrated in many playful details. Original ceramic and wooden kitchen drawers and parts of former cupboards are integrated in the bar. The seating is covered with real Lusatia (Lausitzer) kitchen linen and the walls show a collection of kitchen tools and originals, from the vintage clock to a wooden spoon collection. A corporate pattern based on the first page of Oma Liesegang’s cookbook extends throughout the walls of the entire space. The home-style food can be tasted inside the fully-stocked pantry and taken home from here. All products are marked with custom-designed labels featuring grandma’s handwriting. A “Kiez gallery” made of many real memories of neighbours and friends make Lieschen Mueller come alive.

However, Lieschen Mueller is not just happening back in the days but also here and now. The brand’s character is based on its directness and clarity as well as on its claim to only process regional products.

With Lieschen Mueller a place was built that not only inspires the neighbourhood by its culinary range but also makes “the real” come alive again. A second outlet will open on December 1st, 2013 on Christburger Straße in Berlin.

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